Thursday, February 12, 2009

More on Online Video for Lawyer Marketing

In a very recent post, I wondered if online video advertising was really effective to client acquisition. My point had nothing to do with the "cool factor" or the quality of the video or even the stated preference of a focus group subject. To me, most of those assertions are meaningless.

The releveant question is how people behave and how will they behave in the future. The data tells us that consumers still primarily use the internet while at work. I think that has very real short term implications on the ROI of any online video efforts.

However, in this blog post, the author suggests that a younger generation will have a different usage pattern and will prefer online video. I completely agree with this . . . but as an attorney turning to the web to attract clients, you should be mindful of the time horizon you have for realizing a return on your marketing investments. If you want an immediate ROI on video, it's not going to happen. Neither is any of the social media tools, like twitter, facebook, etc.

Take a longer term horizon and put yourself at the bleeding edge . . . then yes, there is a better way to network and market yourself. And experimenting with video makes sense in that regard.


  1. Hi Steve- I too must disagree. The same problem that Gerry speaks to with regard to attorney video, is also apparent in the use of social media.
    I do not suggest spending a lot of time wandering aimlessly through these networks. On the other, ignoring these tools is foolish. There is no question that when used properly, these tools will produce ROI.

    The main problem is that lawyers are trying to spray their marketing messages in these arenas. That strategy is sure to fail to produce ROI.

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