Monday, January 19, 2009

Why I Started This Blog

Welcome to The Legal Blog (aka: How to Grow Your Practice via the Internet).

About 9 months ago, I started working on ExpertHub. Even though the Internet has been around for almost 15 years, I felt like ExpertHub represented a market that was ripe for a significant improvement (that is, finding a lawyer online). Nine months later, I still feel that way . . . in fact, I think the opportunity is even greater.

Prior to ExpertHub, I spent the previous 12 years in online media, including the last 4 years at a company called Netblue/VendareNetblue/ Connexus. Although that company did not become a household name in Internet marketing, I was afforded an incredible opportunity to learn about some pretty different segments of online marketing. We spent many millions on display media at Yahoo, MSN and many, many ad networks. We ran email campaigns to the tune of many millions each month- both double opt-in super premium email and bulk (or what many refer to as spam). We spent hundreds of thousands each month on paid search. We bought and sold and parked domain names . . . etc, etc.

Throughout it all, there was one common theme. First, you could always get to the truth if you analyzed the data (lots more to come on that). Second, very few people did (look at the data that is). So, they made up stories about what was happening and that's what the investment bankers and the press largely believed and wrote about.

In other words, the truth how online marketing works is poorly understood. That's not really a huge shock - I'm sure every industry is like that to some extent. But I have to admit I was shocked when I started talking to lawyers about how to use the internet to build their practice/ get clients, etc.

So, I started this blog with the goal of providing some insights into online marketing. I hope you find it helpful!


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