Thursday, March 5, 2009

Twitter Bashing: Skepticism Justified or Are They Just Haters?

As I said in my original overview of social media tools, I'm still trying to figure out twitter. From the conversations I've had, most twitter-lovers all started with a healthy degree of skepticism and then, suddenly became converts.

I'm still in the evaluation stage, not ready to pass judgement or not. Really haven't invested enough time to get it to "work for me . . . " although I wonder if that is really a statement about the ability for the mass market to get it to work for them.

Twitter mania has reached full fledged bubble proportions. It's seeping into the majority of the conversations that I'm having with lawyers about online marketing (most confessing they have no idea what the hell it is and wondering if I have an opinion).

But, I have to enjoy some of the skeptical media's snarky attacks at the service. They are quite amusing. This clip from Jon Stewart's show is quite funny:

This NY Times piece is more thoughtful, but essentially makes the same point, that is: If Twitter really becomes the next big thing, we are all screwed.

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